Government Guaranteed Savings Plan
for Personal Retirement Wealth at Age 60

  • You put in 6.2% of your salary. Your employer puts in 6.2%. Both are tax-deductible. This is personal money--instantly. It goes into your own private trust.

  • Your trust is invested in stock-index funds that you select.

  • The U.S. government guarantees that you will get a return between 125% and 1500% of the total dollars you have put in.

  • Your working career is set at 40 years. You have the option to retire earlier or later, depending on circumstances. It does not matter at all how long you live.

  • If you suffer premature death or become disabled, your family may elect to inherit your trust or assign it to the government in exchange for a minimum living-level of family benefits.

  • You cannot be left without resources. You can accumulate a large fortune.

  • This plan is based on actual, documented public information. How and why it works is in the article, Fixing Social Security.* It will remain just a plan unless Congress acts. They will not act until you ask them to.

* "Employee Retirement Wealth Ownership Act
of 2014

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