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In Orlando, 'Copernicus' Dines at the Olympia Restaurant *

"There is no other place like it in the world," he says.

* There you will find ...

Zafer, Stengli, Erjol, and Oscar

They keep things moving in the place
where everything important
starts and ends

and . . .
Oh yes, Alana & Megan & Rory, too!
plus Julia, without whom
the next set of diners
could not eat at all

Not to mention such steady guest luminaries
such as Ross and Roseann
and another contingent of
steadies like . . .

Janice, Val, Migdalia, and Juan
Part of the Show
And the Ever Glorious Ericka, Immortal Dancer
Empress of the Nile

Your hosts: Dmitris, Vasos, and Pavlos

8505 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32817

  stock market timing accounts for the major profits and losses in stocks COPERNICUS