All the stocks on the site are sorted into three separate portfolios. They cover the all-encompassing spectrum of growth, value, and "new era," always valid measures of investment philosophy in all phases of stock-market price behavior, past, present, and future. Each portfolio's stocks are ranked and priced in tables as of the close of the last trading day of each week, usually Friday. The tables are sizeable (over 195 KB each). If you do not have a high-speed connection, a table may take up to 40 seconds, or more, to load. If you do not see all 20 data columns in each table and wish to do so without having to scroll sideways, try setting your display settings to 800 by 600 pixels or simply print out a hard copy. Prices in the tables are rounded to the nearest whole number. If you wish to convert data here for cumulation and experimentation on your own, you may download pages to Excel.
Large, well established, longstanding, experienced companies which make products or services people use every day or provide the materials that go into these products (you may access each portfolio by selection at the bottom of this page)

Large, widely held, high-technology companies, well established, typically in the strongest growth sectors of the economy, especially information software, hardware, communications, and biotechnology

These are the largest internet companies with the most liquidity which have been around long enough to observe with some measure of confidence in their ability to grow revenues

    ...with each portfolio containing the three prominent index
    tradeables plus a proxy for the Internet:
Nasdaq100 Index (QQQ), S&P500 Composite Stock Index (SPY), and the Dow-Jones Industrial Average (DIA) for comparisons and possible investing or speculating--and the Internet HOLDRs Trust (HHH)

The portfolios are adaptive to changing conditions. Stocks are replaced periodically when they no longer meet selection criteria or when their companies are merged or acquired. Thus, these three portfolios will always have the "best" stocks, today, tomorrow, next decade, or as long as there is a United States of America, and it has a stock market.


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