EACH PORTFOLIO on this site lists the three prominent, broad, stock-market index stocks which can be bought and sold like any other common stock.

Similar to mutual funds, these can bought and sold, and sold short, continously during the day when the Market is open.

They are (with trading symbols in parentheses) the Nasdaq-100 Index (QQQ), the S&P500 Composite Stock Index (SPY), and the Dow-Jones Industrial Average (DIA). These are excellent vehicles for comparison purposes (see examples of rankings here) and for direct investment or speculation. They reduce the risk of buying individual stocks when the occasion of adverse news can suddenly and severely damage the market price of a single issue. All have adequate trading liquidity and breadth of sector representation. Part of a large group of stocks known as "exchange-tradeable funds" (ETFs), they are traded on the American Stock Exchange.

The Internet HOLDRs Trust (HHH) which captures a cross section of internet-sector behavior is added to the other three tradeables to create an Internet Set investment proxy. It, too, is an ETF traded on the American Stock Exchange.

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