Data tables for each portfolio and for "This Week's Best" are easy to download to your computer into spreadsheet files. As future weeks enter the present, you can accumulate nearly five years of data across the full width of your worksheets. You will then also be able to manipulate the data to run all kinds of tests on your own ways to use the rankings profitably.


The procedure is to copy the site portfolio table to Word, then copy the Word table to Excel.

Here are the steps. Click one of the three portfolios listed in the contents on the Stock Selection Home page. After it appears on your screen, click on File, then in the dropdown, click on Edit with Microsoft Word for Windows. This transfers the web site page to Word.

In Word, click on Edit, then click Select All in the dropdown. Then click Edit again, then click on Copy. Next open a blank worksheet in Microsoft Excel. Then click Edit, then Paste.

The entire portolio table from the web site will fill into individual cells on your worksheet which enables you to experiment with the data however you please. (You must have gridlines on your worksheet in order for Edit to appear on your menu bar. If you do not, click on the grid icon on the left end of your icon bar.)

* You should be able run through a parallel set of steps using
other word-processor and spreadsheet programs to give you
similar results.

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