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Why did I write this new version?

Because market dynamics have changed enough to demand fresh attention today. Three years ago the range of choice among ETFs was more limited than now. But more important, a new range of liquidity and volatility has developed that was not available before.

Any system I have personally been creating in recent years must have these four express characteristics. It has to be simple, easy, clear, and complete.

That is what I have strived for here.

These summary pages are longer than I would like, but my intent is to show you everything I can think of to discover the good and the bad about this new version of the system--everything--as complete a picture as possible, including mistakes. I have done this for myself. You deserve no less.

The two systems are separate and distinct with respect to the groups of funds they hold. But their key sorting and ranking processes are identical. These have been backtested from 1986 to the present, a period of 20 years. They have been in continual, real-time use on this site since 1999. In the new system, timing is optional. It's gives faster signals than before.

The original system is called A TRADING SYSTEM: MOSTLY USA or simply MOSTLY USA. The new system, the pages of which you are reading now, is called WORLDWIDE. The former is version 1.0, the latter 1.1.

Both will continue on the website for the time being.

May 31-June 8, 2006