. . . and what's on it--and even more so if you work in the Internet or use it, write personally now to your state and national senators and representatives and to your Governor opposing any and all taxes of any kind on anything to do with the Internet.

Paralleling the unconstrained innovative technology which has rapidly built the Internet into what it is today and continues to do so, the lack of taxes on any aspect of it has contributed immeasurably to its progress and build out as well as measurably reducing your costs of buying many items and services.

Allowing taxes now, will put a mortal dampener to all of that or else force its continued efflorescence away toward more enlightened tax jurisdictions outside the United States including the exportation of skilled technical jobs as well as primary sales revenues.

If you believe this is a danger and do not want it to happen, please contact the President on down now--and again in the future when you see or hear of new rumblings in this direction.

And, if you would, please tell three or more people whom you know about my site. It may be interesting, useful, or profitable to them.

Thank you.



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