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  Profit-building Relationship
  Between the Two ETFs Portfolios

One system works better than the other from time to time. It is possible to switch back and forth between the two in order to be positioned in the better of the two at all times.

Switching makes more money that using either alone.

Every week, the rankings table of each portfolio* shows the preferred system to hold or switch to.

The rules are--

    1- Notice in the middle table on the Portfolio Rankings* sheet (of either portfolio) a row that says 'Hold or switch to' US or WW.

    2- If you are already in the portfolio recommended, simply follow the weekly Action & Status Summary for that portfolio.

    3- If you are referred to the other portolio, switch to it and follow the weekly Action & Status Summary there.

The switchover information from fund to fund is a free ugrade for each portfolio. You will need access to both portfolios in order to take full advantage of it. It is an optional feature for use. It does not interfere with the independent operations of the either system. Each produces above average results and risk controls on its own merits. But the opportunity of timely switching is offered when following both portfolios. In test results it has been able to enhance overall performance of assets by four to five percent per year greater than using one portfolio alone.

    * Sample Portfolio Rankings sheets here and here.


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